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La Bute, who grew up in the LDS faith but was “disfellowshipped” for his controversial views and writings, cast Eckhart in several of his movies, beginning with "In the Company of Men" in 1997.(La Bute’s play "Bash," which was produced in 1999, depicted Mormon characters who did not behave in accordance with the church’s teachings.But before he was a star, he was a struggling actor.While working on his degree in acting at Brigham Young University, Eckhart struck up a friendship with the playwright Neil La Bute.He has since formally left the church.) Eckhart has appeared in several of La Bute’s films and played the title character’s boyfriend in "Erin Brockovich" and the villainous Two-Face in "The Dark Knight." Eckhart’s relationship with Mormonism is somewhat unclear.He told Entertainment Weekly, “I'm sure people think I'm a Mormon, but I don't know that I'm a Mormon anymore, you know? I'd be a hypocrite if I did say that I was, just because I haven't lived that lifestyle for so many years.” Eckhart admits to drinking, smoking, and other non-LDS-approved behavior in his past, but claims to have cleaned up his act.“The thing is I want to do movies for adults about adults, relationship movies. His mother worked as a children's book writer, and the family relocated to London during Eckhart's teens for his father's computer exec career. And afterward they need to regenerate and recharge.”Aaron Eckhart was born on March 12, 1968, in Cupertino, part of the county of Santa Clara, California, to a Mormon home.

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Post graduation, Eckhart lived in New York City, landing commercial spots, and then opted to move back to California to forge a career in Los Angeles.

Discovering he had a passion for acting after being cast in , Eckhart later moved to Australia during his senior year, attending a drama school but dropping out to earn income as a movie theater usher.

(He eventually earned his high school equivalency degree via correspondence courses.) Eckhart lived in France and Hawaii for a time before moving to Utah to attend Brigham Young University, where he met Neil La Bute.

He landed several TV roles before he was cast in La Bute's 1997 screenwriting and directorial effort, From the late 1990s through the first decade of the 2000s, Eckhart created an ongoing body of diverse film work where he played a range of characters.

In 1999, after portraying the brother of an autistic woman in (2008), the second installment of the director's Batman film adaptations.

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