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Hydraquip’s off the shelf range of stainless steel hose assemblies cover the common most popular combinations which are available for an immediate despatch.

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Where extreme hot or cold high temperatures are required with medium to low pressures, Hydraquip’s stainless steel hose assemblies prove to be an ideal robust choice.

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The argument goes that these policies are wrong because they lump the “innocent” in with the “guilty.” I disagree. But, it should not be a crime that you are never, ever allowed to move on from.

I’ve told our story before, but I don’t mind telling it again, because I think too often we get bogged down in a false dichotomy about sex offenses: there are innocent people who don’t deserve to be sex offenders at all because they did nothing wrong (people who urinated in public, 18 year old guys sleeping with 15 year old girlfriends, etc.) and then there are those horrible child molesters who deserve the harshest punishments we can throw at them.

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