Analytical laboratories gasoline age dating analysis

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The laboratory is located in the USGS Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.Made analytical methods for document dating Post sent to administrative law judge and associate analysis age director.This prevents contamination of our electrolysis cells with "hot" samples and means that you do not have to pay for electrolytical enrichment unless it is necessary.

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Degradation ratios provide information on the age of the gasoline.

Sample size required: Generally 100 ml of water is adequate.

Our research and services at the Dissolved and Noble Gas Lab are based on the use of noble gases and anthropogenic tracers to determine groundwater recharge ages and recharge temperatures, cosmogenic surface dating, and aquitard permeability.

Identifies over 90 compounds (qualitative) or 120 compounds (quantitative, including EDB and EDC) in the gasoline range.

Data are reported as relative percent (qualitative) or concentration (quantitative) for comparing compositional similarities between samples.

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