Aquarius dating an aquarius

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In many cases, it becomes overcomplicated and entangles the non-Aquarius partner.

Instead of this warm, welcoming place where you can find yourself, it becomes a trap. If you are dating an Aquarius man, you have to remember six fundamental things.

Looking for a woman who is truly “out of this world”?

No, they might not give or show you 100% of themselves in the beginning, but the best way to get an Aquarian to see the relationship worth it means that he has to feel that he can be himself around you & while doing that, still keep your interest.

But as alluring and fascinating as she is, the Aquarius woman is the most paradoxical female of all astrology.

Learning to navigate her eccentric ways is not for the faint of heart.

my guy guy hasnt pulled any disappearing acts on me yet, but if he does for how long will they be gone?? He might sometimes need some space but Aquas hate being lonely (from what i've noticed with my aqua) so he'll probably want to feel connected with you even if he's not around you Well, one.

Aquarius' aren't usually the ones who will try to "game" another person.

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