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Though the site's members do skew more towards the 30 demographic of mostly females, there is a fair variety of participants to be found across all traditional dating categories.As a free member of the website, you will at first be limited to building your own profile and viewing the basic information found on the profile of others.

The profile builds themselves were rather inclusive I was prompted with the usual questions such as age, build location, interests, etc.; but the profile options went on to allow me to enter more specific options such as: my living arrangement, whether I had any body art, my best feature, and what specifically I am looking for both in general and on the first date. You can't escape sexualised images and, if you force yourself to stop and think about it, sex drives a scary amount of our day-to-day behaviour – from shopping to social media to that punishing pre-breakfast HIIT session. It got us thinking: what can we learn about relationships and intimacy from people who aren’t motivated by sex or physical attraction? Around 1% of the population is asexual, according to the latest available research. If modern culture is an all-you-can-gorge buffet of sexuality, we're malnourished on the subject of people who aren't interested in sex at all.Though I was vaguely familiar with the term asexual going into my exploration of, the website does a very professional job of explaining that their service is one intended to help individuals who identify as asexual find dates.As asexual in this context typically relates to individuals who do not possess strong sexual desires, Asexual Dating Site emphasizes personal interests above intimate desires in performing its matches of interested parties.

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