Auto updating twitter feed ipad

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Not happy about being bombarded by ever more adverts? Autoplay has currently only been rolled out to i OS and the web, so this advice won't apply to Android users.

And of course, if you turn the feature off and decide you want it on later, just go back to the same settings option and make the adjustment as necessary.

However, automatic updates can mean that your phone eats data and battery power without warning.

If you'd rather update your apps on your own schedule, all you need to do is turn off automatic updates.

Did you know you can turn off Background App Refresh?

Introduced with i OS 7, Background App Refresh is a feature that attempts to ready apps before you even use them by gauging how and when you use the app and refreshing it just before it thinks you are about to use it. Basically, it means the i Pad attempts to download all of the updates on your Facebook timeline around the time it thinks you want to browse Facebook.

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