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Going for coffee is social time for Bosnians, and you’ll rarely see a person sitting by themselves in a cafe.Bosnians can sit for hours with their friends, talking about the news, daily gossip, or whatever information passed their ears that week, with a bosanska kafa situated in front of them.But typically getting coffee in the United States is run in, order, and rush out to other tasks on your to do list for the day. Walking down any street in Bosnia, you will find multiple cafes lined up beside each other, all filled with people.When Bosnians feel like coffee, they don’t care where they stop; though they may have a favorite place or a favorite drink, it isn’t always a priority.When Americans first arrive in Bosnia, it may be a bit of a struggle adjusting to sitting down for coffee for so long, but soon they’ll find themselves boasting the amount of hours they’ve sat in those cafe chairs, conversing or working on small projects.Coffee in Bosnia is nearly sacred and coffee time is never skipped.I lived in Croatia for seven years, now I am working amongst Serbs in Kosovo. ', to which I reply, 'I learnt Croatian in Croatia'.Every single Serb here has then said 'but they are the same'.

So, as one would expect, there are quite a few prominent differences that may trip up any unsuspecting newcomers planning on studying abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina.And you can use our i Phone, Android, and Facebook dating apps to meet Bosnia And Herzegovina singles on the go!notion which has been promoted by author and businessman Semir Osmanagić.Meeting singles from Bosnia And Herzegovina has never been easier.Welcome to the simplest online dating site to date, flirt, or just chat with Bosnia And Herzegovina singles.

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