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Please note you can also download and view these records on uk ( Most of the cards contain information about campaign medals, which were generally awarded to all those who served overseas.However, some of the cards record entitlement to gallantry and long service awards.The advice here applies to records of non-commissioned officer ranks, which include: The Ministry of Defence website gives more detail on British Army ranks.For records of commissioned officers see our British Army officers up to 1913 guide.The most common scam is to tell these women that they are widowed, and that they were injured and need money to help pay doctors bills.They use a network of other scammers to help build on this lie until the women send them money or other items.They befriend them using stolen photos of American Soldiers, some are even using photos of our KIAs.

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The collection includes a myriad of Army forms including attestation papers, medical forms, discharge documents, pension claims, and proceedings of regimental boards.

Nigerian scammers are very rampant on Facebook, other Social Media and dating sites.

They are targeting elderly women, and women from other countries.

Six series are related directly to the Royal Hospital Chelsea and were created to administer pensions.

The hospital, opened in 1682, is a retirement home for pensioners and administrative office for the British Army.

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