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He's been so frustrated he's turned to social media, complimenting her for all to see.

He likes photos she posts and when Karrueche posted the pic below he wrote, "Keep killing it kiddo." But nothing's worked and he's depressed.

We would watch mindless TV together with my head nestled in his warm chest, drifting off to sleep to the lullaby of his heartbeat.

I thought I was onto something, and it was enough to give myself to him. It didn’t matter, because when he kissed me, the entire world melted away, and I felt like I could curl up in the crook of his elbow and live a very nice life from the folds of his skin.

If he is a non-White Brazilion Mestizo, then his victory is the same as if it where a Black man from Uganda or an Asian from Vietnam.

We had discussed the moment almost every time we hung out, with his hands exploring my body until I pulled them back. ’ were getting old, I was getting curious, and he actually When it finally happened, it was quite unceremonious, and I wondered why I hadn’t just given in earlier. Given the opportunity, I knew I would see him again.

But the thing about first times—built up mightily in our heads as the ultimate romantic moment—is that they are rarely anything more than a moment to endure and a gateway to future pleasure. It was for the best, given our propensity to drive each other crazy just by existing silently on opposite ends of the same college campus. I went on with my life, and he with his, never destined to cross paths again. I would see him and I would kiss him and I would lie on that chest again, listening to that heartbeat I used to know so well.

Chris Brown has put on a full court press to win back ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, but his efforts have been met with resounding rejection.

We're told he's blowing up her phone and her friend's phones, but she's radio silent with him.

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