Carrabba dating

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But this unplanned evening spent with four perfect strangers was exactly what I didn’t even know I needed.

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They are the perfect size to share with friends so that everyone can get a taste of the dish, in true Italian fashion.

They roll out some of their best dishes and pair them with some of their best wines and charge you a pretty reasonable price for it all. Dude Dad and I went back and forth about seating arrangements? They talked about being the parents of adult children, planning destination weddings and retirement parties, driving Uber for fun and golfing all day Wednesday.

In fact, at our event, we had a delicious salad (the fried mozzarella topper thing was bae), followed by a pasta dish, sirloin, and the most delicious chocolate cake/brownie concoction I have had in basically all of life. The entire thing cost per person and they even did a couple of giveaways (someone won an i Watch! Now, if you know me well you know that my wine drinking game is trash. Yes, I enjoy a few sips socially from time to time, but I am not a connoisseur by a long shot. That said, I know yummy food when I taste it and I know good company when I get the occasion to enjoy it and this wine dinner was filled with both. They were kind and funny and talkative and sweet and fun, so fun.

With my husband’s crazy work schedule and long hours, date nights can be few and far between.

It’s rare we get a special date night out on a weekday and it was so much fun to make it happen at Carrabba’s!

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