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In 1998, Carmen Electra and then-husband Dennis Rodman were involved in a domestic incident in which they were both taken to prison.

More recently, Emma Roberts was charged with domestic abuse and assault when she allegedly bloodied the face of her boyfriend, actor Evan Peters.

Emmy award winners, Oscar winners, and World Series MVPs have all been arrested for domestic violence.

Many of the cases are dealing with repeat offenders, but sometimes it was a one-time incident in which the charges of domestic abuse were later dropped.

At the time, their spokeswomen said: “There was a misunderstanding at their home… It’s said that, at the age of 15, Bill warned Roger never to hit his mother or half-brother ever again.

In a later interview with Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is a fierce campaigner against domestic violence, having seen it firsthand.

Most are able to come out the other side and put their lives back together, but not always.

However, she later dropped the charges against him. President was just 8 years old his mother married Roger Clinton, a car dealer from Arkansas and also an alcoholic.

She had phoned police claiming he hit her during an argument at their Los Angeles home and Brolin was arrested that night for spousal battery. Bill Clinton It’s testament to a man’s willpower that he can become one of the most powerful men in the world even though he grew up surrounded by domestic violence. Life wasn’t all rosy for the young Bill, and was – according to his autobiography – frequently marred by his stepfather’s violent outbursts.

Rihanna's face was all over the news and we followed her and Chris Brown to trial.

It was a complicated time for the pop-star as she temporarily rekindled with Brown in 2013 and it doesn't help that he still appears to have feelings for her.

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