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Lawmakers are considering a number of other laws outlined in the peace plan signed last August.

Ethnic Albanian rebels launched an insurgency in February 2001, claiming they were fighting for more rights for their minority, which accounts for about a third of the country's two million population.

It’s a simple tan bag with a zipper to keep out sneaky fingers. “Press this button if you are in danger and it will tell me where you are,” he said.

Inside, it contains money, passports and, importantly, the GPS tracking device given to me by my father. He was positive that any young girl traveling to Macedonia was going to be taken prisoner as a sex slave. Yet no matter what I did, I just could not convince my parents that I would constantly be on guard.

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It’s hard to find a patch of Europe that hasn’t been overrun by travel. Among the rocky mountains and green fields of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia there are plenty of shepherds, monasteries, lakes, valleys and Byzantine churches – what’s lacking is crowds. In the rugged north the Alps are so fierce they're deemed 'accursed', while the south enjoys one of Europe’s least known and most beautiful coastlines.

The fighting ended when the Macedonians and ethnic Albanians signed a peace agreement that traded a handover of weapons for the promise that legislation would be passed giving the minority community a greater say in the governing of this Balkan country.

After the deal, Nato troops collected weapons from the rebels, who disbanded.

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