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Helen was not a whore...that's creepy by any standard. Bettany has a keen interest in communicating her passion for the past to as broad an audience as possible.

Oh and did I mention I prefer Homer's version of the this saga..pulp history hyperbole by Bett. She has dived off the coast of Asia Minor to prove how the production of purple dye shaped international politics in the Bronze Age, and just last week, during the recording of a radio documentary for the BBC about the mediaeval queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, she was thrown off a galloping horse while imagining what it must have been like for Eleanor to ride into the crusades dressed as an Amazon.

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While Hughes explores the Late Bronze Age reality behind the story of Helen, she takes in some of the most beautiful scenery of the ancient world, from the magnificent citadel at Mycenae to the spectacular site of the shrine to Helen, high in the hills above Sparta.

In Search of the Real Troy Saudi Aramco World | January/February 2005 Volume 56, Number 1 Graham Chandler, Photographed by Ergun Cagata Posted on 02/20/2005 PM PST by Sunken Civ Was There a Trojan War? Hughes: And here is a bit about her: Following a scholarship to Oxford, Bettany has had a sequence of extraordinary life experiences.

Archaeology | May/June 2004 | Manfred Korfmann Posted on 07/29/2004 PM PDT by Sunken Civ The weird thing is, 21 people have viewed this topic so far, and only one has posted. ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Two can't be as bad as one. He couldn't be happy with that abomination of a movie made recently that had the effrontery to call itself "Troy". On the trail of mother-earth figurines she found herself in Romania during the whirlwind and carnage of the revolutions.

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