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The founder of medical information startup Care Monkey is no stranger to pitch events; over the years, his enthusiasm has seen him handed novelty-sized cheques and secure island getaways with Sir Richard Branson.

The platform, which lets schools and community groups collate and safely store children’s medical information and permission slips in a digital format, won Startup Smart’s Best Startup Idea Award in 2014.

Even start-up powerhouses like Pollenizer have been known to put the feelers out for co-founders.

While a lot of it depends on an entrepreneur’s networks and specific requirements, it seems there is also an element of luck involved, and not everyone is fortunate enough to find their co-founder in a chance meeting.

You could also be able to help them find expert pro-bono advice on how to make the software accessible internationally, while maintaining strict safety and security protocols.

SYD 2015 runner-up Refugee Talent is a social enterprise platform matching refugees looking for work with relevant vacancies.

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