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The first thing I realised when I saw J was that he was dying.

All that remained of this 16-year-old's arm was six inches of skin; the rest had been shot off when he became caught in gunfire between the Congolese army and rebel forces.

Also, many foreign companies have offices in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, etc.), so, with some slick networking, you might be able to convince your employer to get relocated to Japan.

Also, if you manage to get a job in Japan, I will be very jealous of you because I like sushi.

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After a while, and the Adjudicator took it to be about 2001, she began to experience difficulties with the rebels.

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I arrived at the beginning of October, when the latest bloody conflict started building.

I was assigned to a mission hospital in Rutshuru, which was basically a building plonked in the middle of the jungle.

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