Crown j and seo in young dating

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Phony, not believable, disgusting, and annoying to no end.

This kdrama made me laugh, excite, and most of all, it made me cry a lot.

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i just finished it in a row because the story was so great. I like how they showed less action and more about the plot of the story.

I thought this drama would be like any other drama but it was surprisingly entertaining.

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but in all fairness this is a kdrama definitely worth watching This serial is so interesting. The story of a young king Lee Young (Park Bo-Gum) and Queen Hong Ra-on (kim Yoo-Jung). Elinita Pajaro from: Philippines/Abu Dhabi, UAE I just finish watch this drama yesterday .the cast is perfectly fit in their characters! I must say Park bo gum the rebel but wise Prince is so handsome and very excellent actor , this is the first drama of bogummy I've watched I instantly fall in love to him ,and Kim yoo Jung is superb! LOve in the moonlight one of the best historical drama ..hoping a season 2.“No man had been as kindhearted to me as Crown J of . We acted as if we were married for real,” she explains.“Crown J oppa had said, ‘I’ll forever be your on-screen husband, protecting you by your side. I’ll go wherever you call me.’ So I called him recently to star with me in a talk show.”Isn’t the Ant Couple adorable? Seo In Young talked about her made-up partner Crown J from “We Got Married”.

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