Dating a cocktial waitress in las vegas concept dating dating nouveau paris speed sweet

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Getting asked by a B-list actor if he can do body shots off us ten seconds after he checks in with his wife. Tiger’s waitress was from Los Angeles, but what guy would settle down with some wannabe reality TV star? Send a dirty text to one of them on a Saturday night and a man’s just begging to be in the come Monday. Ever notice how often famous dudes get busted there?

Being informed by a comedian’s body guard our “company” is requested in the green room.

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Just imagine – ungodly amounts of fame, truckloads of wealth, a hot Swedish wife who bore him a family of cute little Tiger cubs.Any gal hoping to achieve her professional and romantic goals should totally hightail it to Vegas.Michael Phelps is taking a page from the George Clooney Dating Handbook.Whatever happened to the other gorgeous-gammed brunette who was his ever-present red carpet arm candy years ago? (Photo: Getty) Celebuzz caught up with the stunning former model, now 34, who after dating GC for over a year (circa 2007-2008), ditched Hollywood for good — and took up a more anonymous job in an even more anonymous city.No, not Italian ex-girlfriend-turned- contender Elisabetta Canalis. “I’m the director for a medical spa in New York City. I’ve always wanted to live here so I did it,” she added.

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