Dating minton plates

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Ornamental pieces were usually not marked until the 1840's.

In the 1820's, Minton began to make a new less-expensive body called “ Felspar China” which continued into the 1840's.

From c1798 production included bone china from his partner Joseph Poulson's near-by china pottery.

China production ceased c1816 following Joseph Poulson's death in 1808, recommencing in a new pottery in 1824.

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Although Minton had been marking their wares since 1805, it wasn't until 1842 that Minton introduced on their earthenwares the series of date code marks that are we are familiar with on majolica today.Searches will display lots from PAST auctions, clicking on an image will show a larger version.You do not need to use plurals and remember not to use words unlikely to be used in a lot description ( such as 'furniture' or 'jewellery' ).The impressed S tells us it was potted in September.If the English registration mark to the left were legible it would also give us the day of registration as well.

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