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Men with an Avoidant attachment style minimize closeness and view intimacy as a loss of independence.They are frequently drawn to Anxious women, who crave intimacy and worry about their partner’s ability to love them back.“Well, most times when people love each other and are thinking about marriage,” I said, “it is pretty clear to them; otherwise, why would they even be thinking of such a commitment? It’s like I am the one who always is pushing for time together or to talk about things that we need to talk about. He agrees with me, saying that he wants the same things that I do.It seems that his hobbies and buddies are a bigger priority than I am. “I have told him that I want to feel more important to him and that I want us to have a spiritual life together and that I want him to respect my physical limits.” “That’s pretty good,” I told her. He is a really good guy,” she said with a little drop in her voice. I still feel like I am always the one who is trying to get things to be better.” “Okay, question.Here are the 10 biggest mistakes I’ve heard from women in the years I’ve been coaching and counseling them:1.

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Having an important conversation via text instead of in person? If you’re lucky, reading this will prevent you from making some of the same mistakes as me. It's said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. O.'s email account is a bad idea and that believing in the fairy-tale love stories we grew up reading is silly but sometimes we find ourselves giving these relationship moves the ol' college try! This point is this: there are certain relationship mistakes women make . Quitters sometimes prosper, especially when lousy habits get left behind. Thinking that a perfect relationship should be easy. Our partners can't read our minds; he won't know what's wrong unless we suck up and tell him.11. It can be as little as an appreciative moan when he does something good or as much as a frank discussion about our fantasies. If some items on this list feel cliche, it's because they are! Plus, we start to feel unbalanced - and perhaps rightly so. Having a best friend or gab partner outside a relationship is a good thing.4. Waiting for someone to find us, instead of going out and finding someone ourselves.7."If they love me enough, they'll change to please me." So many believe that they can and will change their partner. They say, "If he loves me enough, he'll change that small thing to please me." But to your partner, that "small thing" isn't so small.Even if they do try to change to please you, very often they become resentful.

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