Dating old coleman lanterns

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There is a screw above the torch lighting generator where the orifice enters the burner chamber (right image). This lantern is not to be confused with Economy Lamp Co. Coleman also made their Model NL for Sunshine Safety (lower image) although there are no entries of their production in Hiram Strong's Coleman Shipping Records (Vantiger).

Coleman's made their first lantern, Model L or Arc lantern, sometimes referred to as Model 316 (the globe part number), from 1914 to 1925 (Strong, cited in Becker). Coleman also made the arc lantern for the Sunshine Safety Lamp Co., Kansas City, Missouri.

The one on the left, in Agostino Del Coro's collection, is dated B 1946; the fount is finished in green paint as nickel was not yet available after WWII The one on the right, in Matthew Reid's collection, is dated Mar. This Coleman Canada Model 242B lantern, date stamped February 1948, is unusual because of the brown enameled ventilator.

This lantern, in Michel Binard's collection, has the lighting instructions stamped in the collar in 3 languages.

The tank is still copper painted but is now seamed around the middle and made from two pressed pieces of steel.

This appears to be the second version of the 413E's, according to the owner, John Stendahl.

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