Dating raphael tuck postcards

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They entered the postcard market in the United States in 1900 with an office in New York.American artists designed many of the postcards, but the cards were printed in Europe (Germany, Saxony, England) and then returned to the states for sale.RPO Postmark Page, The; Tichnor Brothers Large Letter Linens, 1936-1952; Year Conversion Tables:.6 05 - While we don't envy the intern who had to scan in the Boston Public Library's collection of 25,000 vintage postcards , we do appreciate the effort.Hier is een vintage Valentijnskaart met een jongen verkleed als minister met een Bijbel als één van de Valentine-reeks, kinderen op werk ansichtkaarten. De scheepvaart is slechts 5 centen voor elke extra briefkaart in uw bestelling voor klanten in de VS.De briefkaart heeft slijtage aan de hoeken en randen. Het is 25 cent voor elke aanvullende kaart in een vreemde volgorde. Klik hier om te zien meer antieke Valentijnsdag ansichtkaarten, ~https://com/shop/datedpaper/search?search_query=Valentine's Day postcard&order=date_desc&view_type=list&ref=shop_search7800P I try to ship your item to you the cheapest way possible, with no damage to your item.With over 18 years experience of mailing items to customers, I do pride myself in the fact that items do arrive safely to my customers.

Raphael went to London in 1865 and found work and housing. In 1866 the Tucks opened a small shop on Union Street selling prints and frames.Raphael Tuck & Sons, publishers from the mid 1800's into the early 20th Century.Raphael Tuck & Sons were proudly known to be the Publishers to Her Majesties the King and Queen, with printing houses in London, Paris and New York.The small shop soon flourished, with Ernestine carrying out the role of business administrator, whilst Raphael provided the creative flair.In 1869 they moved to larger premises in 177 City Road and sons Herman, Adolph (30 January 1854 – 3 July 1926) and Gustave joined the business.

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