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"We trained hard...every time we formed up teams we would be reorganized.

I was to learn that we meet any new situation by reorganizing.

Salt water showers are being rigged on the fantail.

Scuttlebutts will be turned on for ten minutes every four hours beginning at 1600" - second day out of panama enroute New Zealand at 13.8 knots......

It includes a general explanation of terms used in connection with a separation or divorce and provides a brief overview of Virginia divorce law. Each case is different, and you should consult a legal assistance attorney or a private attorney of your own choice to determine how the law applies to you.

A crazy environment is one in which there is no room to be sane." This one one applys to day to day operations."Tear-icin' around Mc Murdo Sound" - Christmas plan of the day "There will be no more liberty until the morale of the crew improves" - normal plan of the day "Mutiny ship to arrive in Valparaiso today. The water supply will be secured until further notice.

For example, a conflict of interest would exist if a Coast Guard legal assistance attorney already discussed your case with your spouse.

If so, you may be referred to another legal assistance office.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I'm interested in travel, as well as doing rescue work and possibly working with vehicles or drones in the field, and from what I hear, the Coast Guard is my best option, with the Navy being my other best option, but I'm guessing that the Air Force and Army also do rescue work for civilians.

Anyways, as interesting as it is to me, from what I understand, it's a 6-year commitment to at least the Coast Guard. I've never even dated before, but I decided recently to become celibate while in college to avoid drama.

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