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First read BIBLICAL COURTSHIP IN THE SONG OF SONGS. How much of your courtship was like that of Solomon and his fiancé? If you have a burning desire for a close intimate relationship with God by experiencing His Love to you over and over again at greater and greater heights, depths, lengths and breaths then The Song of Songs is where you need to be.

If you see the book literally you will not understand nor grasp the Love God has for you.Hello I was hoping to get some general input on Catholic dating/courting.Since I am new to the faith and I also don't really know many Catholics, I was hoping to ask here for some advice from the ladies of Fisheaters.I can help you with this process of Growing in the experience of God's love.As of 7-23-16 I have experienced everything prior to chapter 8. Meaning that if you are mature then you can experience the joys and extraordinary outpourings of God's Love shed abroad in your heart.

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