Debonair debacles dating friendship relationships

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I told "Spike" not to worry; I always change names to protect the guilty. As it turned out, Spike might have considered warning me up front about his unusually rabid competitive streak.Losing was so tough on this guy that when I beat him in Scrabble one night, he left my house in a pout that could only rightfully befit the Gore-Lieberman camp.Two different people who are trying to form a bond would really encounter something to disagree about.However, your differences should not be a hindrance to having a successful relationship.We had just finished dinner when he sheepishly popped the question: "Did I do anything awful that's gonna show up in your column? Still, some men seem to assume I'm casing their every move for a good paragraph.

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Such a behavior only serves to hurt the man and reduces his trust and love for his lady.Many a times, women assume that men think and feel the same way as they do. In order to prevent such debacles, it is important to understand that men are different from women.There are some common mistakes which women commit in a relationship.A romantic relationship is the most precious gift to mankind.Hence, it is important to nurture a relationship in the right way.

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