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So that is why step d is necessary, to convince Drupal this is a new update function that you need to run. Solution #4 nearly works for me but it doesn't take into account that in D6 if you had a scale action when you only wanted to scale one dimension you would do something like width:250 height: 100% However in D7 you simply leave height blank, this direct import causes the image style to do the wrong thing, it effectively treats 100% as 100px, and its only when you try to edit it that the problem becomes apparent.

I guess the better route would have been to name the module "imagecache" so that Drupal would know it hadn't run any Drupal 7 updates for imagecache yet. In addition unless I'm completely missing something (and I've posted here: https://drupal.org/node/2210363) cropping now requires both dimensions so you can't just crop width or height (100% used to work).

To control the way the image is displayed you must define styles (see below).

To add an image field to a content type: Images can be added and removed from the node's Edit tab.

Is there any way meant to do this without having to use some kind of crawler? I think you can try to create custom cron function which get all latest uploaded images and build imagecache versions.

Check pretty similar question here: https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/38/rebuild-imagecache. Actually it is the very thing i'd like to avoid, as soon as rebuilding the whole cache in terms of GD resourse consumption is headache.

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Install the views module if it is not already present. Create a view having a field for each image style you wish to regenerate. Pay careful attention to your 'Multiple Field Settings' - do you want to regenerate every image for each node, or, do you want just the first one - e.g. Important this one - you don't want everybody accessing this all the time and overloading your server! If generating many nodes, it may be worth paginating the display so your browser doesn't crash, set up a say 100 nodes at a time and pager through them. Save the view and go to the page path you have set up, (if generating a large set of images it may be best to do this at a quiet time) watch your server chug away creating the images and voila, all images regenerated - Simple! It can be run before or after the image field migration process. I recreated the feature module on the D7 site and added all the new image styles to it (as opposed to what were imagecache presets). Make sure to enable "File" and "Image" before running the code. define('DRUPAL_ROOT', getcwd()); require_once DRUPAL_ROOT . '/includes/bootstrap.inc'; drupal_bootstrap(DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL); ///////////////////////////////////////////////// function imagecache_preset_actions($preset, $reset = FALSE) ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// function imagecache_presets() ///////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////// $styles_cnt=0; $effects_new_cnt=0; $effects_ext_cnt=0; $presets=imagecache_presets(); foreach($presets as $preset) print "Styles: $styles_cnt, Effects new: $effects_new_cnt, Effects exists: $effects_ext_cnt \n"; I will note that comment #4 must be run AFTER D7 is in place.'/includes/bootstrap.inc'; // drupal_bootstrap(DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL); and running it in drush worked: drush @mysite scr Here's another way to run the code in #4: a) Download the attached module. c) Enable the module (it's called Imagecache Migrate). Change the number on the update function from migrate_styles_update_7000 to migrate_styles_update_7001. The problem is that when you first enable a module, Drupal figures out that you are already updated to the number of the latest update function that is there.

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