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to all my jewish followers: if one of the antisemites comes into your submit or ask with links/pictures of gore, and you don’t want to or can’t handle clearing out your inbox or contacting tumblr support please know that I will help you however I can like log onto your account and delete the stuff for you, block the person, and/or help you contact tumblr support you shouldn’t have to do this at all but i want you to know that you don’t have to do it alonehey, that happened to me too. I can only imagine how some folks on this website are dealing with it. I live in Utah, though, and the nearest synagogue is 40 miles to the south. Its recently that some rav declared this law which says "is jew only the one who was born from a jewish mom'', it is very recent. i mean specifically women who have made their way in a world that is generally inhospitable to non-conventionally-attractive ladies.

I've been thinking about converting for the past few years. if you feel jewish and you’re sure you want to practise, then look into in mind that you don’t have to “officially convert” to connect with your roots! angeliquebecerra: Actually, even if there is only the padre who is jewish and the mom isnt jewish, the child stay jewish. Shalom :) macondobound-blog: i'd love to see more ladies that are not conventionally "hot" on this site, whatever that means.

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