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If your appliances do not use 110 volts or flat two-pronged plugs, we recommend bringing the requisite adaptors and converters with you.For your convenience, hair dryers are provided in every Jewel guest room.What are examples of content that is prohibited in Xbox Live?(Note: the examples below are just a few examples of Content prohibited by the Microsoft Code of Conduct.Just because something isn't on this list doesn't mean it's OK.) UPON RECEIVING A PERMANENT SUSPENSION, YOU FORFEIT ALL CONTENT LICENSES, GOLD MEMBERSHIP TIME, AND MICROSOFT ACCOUNT BALANCES ASSOCIATED WITH THE SUSPENDED ACCOUNT.COMPLAINTS If you encounter Conduct or Content that violates the Microsoft Code of Conduct, don't retaliate with prohibited Conduct or Content.Subscribers who have selected a digital plan will get unlimited access to To learn more about our paywall, see this note from our editors. Linking your subscription gets you full digital access.

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The electrical supply in Jamaica is 110 volts/50 cycles standard, and electrical appliances use plugs that are two-pronged and flat (such as those used in the United States and Canada).Some uncomfortable information must be shared with our kids and if that is what it takes to protect them, then so be it new friends? DO NOT TRUST YOUR CHILDREN ON THE INTERNET OR YOU MAY NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD ANYMORE. Remember Mom and Dad you are not your son or daughters friend you are their caregiver. By leaving your child unsupervised while they are online is not keeping them safe. These pictures were posted on a website for the entire world to see. We also took a report of a 11- year old who was doing sexual acts to herself and sending them through her smart phone to what she believed was a 11-year old boy.I hear a lot of parents saying, My son/daughter comes home and goes right on the computer. By giving them a smart phone and not checking it is not keeping them safe. Do you think those parents ever thought their 11-year old would do such a thing? And you dont think your child will either now do you? NOT MY CHILD will eventually lead to YES YOUR CHILDYour child is no match for a determined, dedicated preferential sex offender.We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Yes, a credit is required upon check-in for any incidental charges during your stay.If you prefer to not give a credit card cash may be used, a deposit in the amount of 0 per room is required upon check in. certification or refresher courses, and local vendor purchases.

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