Guardian dating site review

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You can fill out your profile (and in my case, see that I'm a 75.7% match for myself), search other members, see others "like" them, and whether you've contacted one another before.

The site is free of clutter, winks and other things along those lines, and has an interface I've yet to see elsewhere.

When I signed up (in Ireland, because that's where I was at the time), I literally had nine matches show up as options in the country, within a 20-year age span. I expanded it to just include "men looking for women" and received 20 "soulmates" listed.

We have had several member marriages and happy couples using market leading dating software.If you read the Guardian or feel like you meet their demographic overview (25-55, worldly, well-educated and wealthy), this dating site might work for you.Let's walk through the process and take a peek."If you're looking for love you've come to the right place: welcome to Soulmates, the Guardian's online dating service."A few seconds with the most basic of details will have you on the site, but you'll need to flesh out at a bare minimum half of your profile or so to show up in search.I was shocked to find that another £32 has been in my eyes stolen from my account .I wrote yet another letter of complaint to be told that I am not entitled to a refund and did not cancel properly .

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