Hwang bo hyun joong dating

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as a fan of her coupling in WGM...i wouldn't mind if she get married to a new guy on the show.as much as i liked them, always felt she deserved someone who can show appreciation to her better.The singer-turned-actor had charges filed against him by his girlfriend on August 20 for beating her on multiple occasions.The news came as a shock to many of his fans who have long idolised Kim as pure, kind and good boyfriend material.But as with any society phenomena, pop culture had a role in reinforcing this idea in the upcoming generations through the years.Lee Seung gi, the famous South Korean artist, debuted in 2007 with his song “Because you’re my Woman”, and the lyrics resonated with a lot of people, we can say that this song started the “” from their younger girlfriends, but it seems it was replaced with their eagerness to find an older girlfriend, a noona.

Kim’s girlfriend claimed she had been in a relationship with Kim since April 2012.

As the news went viral, Kim’s agency Key East dismissed the claims and Kim left for Thailand to continue his worldwide concert tour.

Amid the two conflicting claims over Kim’s alleged attack, Korean entertainment outlet Dispatch looked into more details and gathered evidence to determine the truth behind the controversy.

and prior to WGM...i never really watched her and was more of SS501 fan but through WGM i ended up becoming more of her fan...

Hyunjoong was ok on the show but quite frustrating at times...honestly felt she deserved someone who can adore n appreciate her the way Crown J act around Seo In Young on the show.

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