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While such practice is actually legal, it's still a shakedown, because if you don't agree to their initial unreasonable demands, you're going to be even worse off as a consequence--just like debating whether you want to drown in your own piss, or someone else's.Being both excited enough by something to squee, yet embarrassed/intimidated enough to eep.The warm feeling you get when someone compliments you heavily, while at the same time feeling uncomfortable with all the attention and praise.

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These conventions provide a place for fans to meet, exchange ideas, transact business and engage in entertainment and recreation centered on this concept.

The form seems to be milktoast with an added French twist; cf.

Webster (1885-1952) in the strip "The Timid Soul," which ran from 1924 in the "New York World" and later the "Herald Tribune." By 1930 the name was being referenced as a type of the meek man.

Furry conventions sometimes start out as furmeets, where groups of local fans meet at a regular location, often on a scheduled basis.

As the local community grows, these groups may put on events which attract dealer attention or significant fan activity and which become recognized as fully-fledged conventions.

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