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This accounts for the 'paradox' of how some countries can approach our level of consumption without our reputation for excess - they drink as a civilised, adult pleasure, to be enjoyed in moderation; we drink like it was going out of fashion. So don't expect the red-haired, drunken Irish yob who attacks you to always be able to delight you with his lyrical language gymnastics while doing so, as you have a 25% chance of getting the other kind. Well all the Irish people you have heard of are pretty good with words, true but it isn't part of our DNA or anything - you can be Irish and be rubbish with language - you don't have your citizenship revoked.

The common theme is of course alcoholic excess violence.

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No guns (or very, very few) in private ownership in Ireland. The Irish figure above is for assault only, whereas the U. Anecdotal supporting evidence: The [old fashioned] U. slang for a brawl is called a "Donnybrook" [6], after the location in Dublin [7] where faction fights took place in the 19th century. Anecdotal supporting evidence II: This Time It's Serious.

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Er..least not compared to those dipsos, the Austrians and Estonians! " Find me a single study to support this oft-quoted contention. So the question remains, are we violent when we aren't pissed? The reality: Ok, obviously we don't all have red hair, I answered on another Irish phenotype here: Domhnall O' Huigin's answer to Who are the Black Irish?

"But Ireland has the highest proportion of non-drinkers per capita! The inter-relationship here is well established, especially in Ireland, somewhat the "patient zero" for researchers in this field [8].

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