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Not long ago, at dusk, Baumbach was in an elegant old café in Berlin, having a jet-lagged late lunch with Greta Gerwig, the actress, before a festival screening of “Frances Ha,” his new film.

A black-and-white comedy about young people in New York, it is filled with such a sweetly unfamiliar spirit of joy—or, at least, the prospect that life may hold satisfactions beyond survival—that Baumbach purists may dismiss the film as evidence of the kind of midlife giddiness that can lead to kite-surfing.

They represented Great Britain at the 1980 Winter Olympics, placing 12th, and at the 1984 Winter Olympics, where they placed 6th.

After 19 years in radio and media, the 40-year-old DJ has good reason to be loud and proud of it.“Frances Ha” is generous—some critics may say indulgent—in its handling of hip, floating characters who could easily be satirized.Baumbach, who is forty-three, with the collar-length, well-tended hair of a less worried man, seems to have made his “Manhattan,” and he has done so in partnership with Gerwig, who co-wrote the film and plays Frances, a dancer.“Hopefully it’s a platform to continue the discussion‚” he said.Asked if he would later regret the ink‚ Barber said: “In one way‚ I’ve got a cool tattoo of when all SA got together and got rid of a disgusting‚ horrible president.

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