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Forces - Afghanistan, testified before the House Armed Services Committee on U. strategy in Afghanistan, as well as the Doctors Without Borders hospital that was hit in a U.

troop levels and the drawdown plan, training and readiness of the Afghan security forces, and the threat of the Taliban and terrorist organizations to the Afghan government and region.

Demeaning and damaging, the widespread subculture of paedophilia in Afghanistan constitutes one of the most egregious ongoing violations of human rights in the world.

The adolescent boys who are groomed for sexual relationships with older men are bought — or, in some instances, kidnapped — from their families and thrust into a world which strips them of their masculine identity.

While the Afghan government has been able to address some of these issues since the Taliban's ouster in 2001, archaic social traditions and deep-seated gender norms have kept much of rural Afghanistan in a medieval state of purgatory.

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Innumerable tragedies have beleaguered rural Afghans throughout the past decades of conflict — perpetual violence, oppression of women, and crushing poverty have all contributed to the Hobbesian nature of life in the Afghan countryside.The move comes after an AFP report last year found the Taliban are exploiting the centuries-old practice, one of the most egregious violations of human rights in the country, to mount deadly insider attacks in the volatile south. Powerful warlords, commanders, politicians and other members of the elite often keep "bachas" as a symbol of authority and affluence.Bachas, sometimes dressed as women, are often sexually exploited.Having one or many bacha bereesh is seen as a marker of your power and wealth - which means some war lords can have more than 10 in their service.How pretty the boys are is also important Yet for the boys, more than two fifths of whom are between the age of 13 and 15, being chosen as a bacha bareesh - man without a beard - it is a life sentence, one which will see them cast out of their families and shunned by society.

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