Looking for breastfeeding dating

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Sarah's baby is now more than a year old and they still enjoy a wonderful breastfeeding relationship.

I'll give a bit of background here on conception and then launch into our lactation interview.

However, I've received several questions from trans women who are interested in breastfeeding.

After doing some Google searches, I realized that just as there is little to no information for trans men on this topic, there is not much written for trans women.

I hadn’t cycled for about two years, and was using Ortho Evra, the birth control patch exclusively prior to my amenorrhea for nine months.

I visited my family practitioner, mainly out of curiosity as to why I hadn’t had a cycle for so long.

During the first 24 hours at the hospital, Landon wouldn't stop breastfeeding.

He nursed for more than nine hours, but produced zero wet diapers and only four dirty diapers.

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I started writing it from my personal experience, and I am transmasculine.

It wasn’t more than a year later that we became pregnant with our first daughter, K.

I had a normal pregnancy and routine vaginal delivery with epidural.

But at the same time we drink a glass of cow’s milk without giving it a second thought.

Adult nursing relationships are considered by many to be a sexual perversion in our culture.

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