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Some more details, even a few pics, would help immensely.

This site doesn't come up with any hits - Morning, Thanks for your reply. I looked on the end of the stock, where it attaches to the tang, and there is the same serial number, 535, but directly across from it, is the letter "M". Thanks again, Sundance If your rifle is truely an "M" prefix SN'd rifle, the "M" prefix would indicate a 1955 manufacture. All Marlins should have that factory-installed bulleye in the bottom line of the buttstock, placed there so owners could differentiate a Marlin from other similar rifle racked with it. IOW, your rifle was the 15,601st rifle made after Aug 1961 - IDK exactly when.

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Na No Rebels are officially part of Na No Wri Mo; you can read this thread to find out if you’re a Na No Rebel or not.

National Non Fiction Writing Month (Na Non Fi Wri Mo) also known as Write Non Fiction in November (WNFIN) is an alternative for people who don’t write fiction.

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