Radajaxmanager not updating controls

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These are the links which helped me to solve the issues in my page. :) may have better success if you wrap the regions of your page with a Rad Ajax Panel instead.This way, you don't have to worry about all of the particulars; instead, any postback causes all of its children to update.So it's not really doing a partial postback - rather the whole page, each time and only refreshing what's 'different' based on the Ajax Settings elements.I have a selection dialog that is being displayed by a Rad Tool Tip Manager.I determined that Rad Tool Tip Manager requires use of Ajax calls, and I added the Rad Ajax Manager to the page and a Rad Ajax Manager Proxy to the User Control.But I don't know how to get the button within the User Control to initiate an Ajax request for the controls on the page.The dialog consists of a few inputs, a Rad Grid and a button within a User Control.When the user clicks the button, the selection dialog is closed.

Thanks This doesn't answer the question at all, as @user2585781 is not trying to link a button to trigger an update.If I do a postback on A, I see the loading panel on A, but (using Chrome dev tool) I see data sent for A and B.Strange to me as only A has loading panel visible when I perform action.as my code shows, i just want to update control Req_items (rad gridview) only on On Selected Index Changed event of grd_optnandprcng (rad gridview). Its updating control on every event of radgridview. Hi all, I have a radgrid that triggers an opening of a radwindow which is inside of a user control.

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