Radiocarbon dating oxcal

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Over this time, the proportion of Neanderthal DNA decreased from 3–6% to around 2%, consistent with natural selection against Neanderthal variants in modern humans. Whereas there is no evidence of the earliest modern humans in Europe contributing to the genetic composition of present-day Europeans, all individuals between ~37,000 and ~14,000 years ago descended from a single founder population which forms part of the ancestry of present-day Europeans.

Der zeitliche Anwendungsbereich liegt zwischen 300 und etwa 60.000 Jahren.We obtained radiocarbon dates, pollen, macrofossils and metagenomic DNA from lake sediment cores in a bottleneck portion of the corridor. We find evidence of steppe vegetation, bison and mammoth by approximately 12.6 cal. scanned cores for X-ray fluorescence and magnetic susceptibility. performed the cartographic analysis and representation.

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