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VSI values range from 0 for “highly stable” to 3 for unacceptable stability.During the slump flow test, the viscosity of the SCC mixture can be estimated by measuring the time taken for the concrete to reach a spread diameter of 20 inches (500 mm) from the moment the slump cone is lifted up.

The mold is lifted and the concrete allowed to spread.

SCC does not use a high proportion of water to become fluid - in fact SCC may contain less water than standard concretes.

Instead, SCC gains its fluid properties from an unusually high proportion of fine aggregate, such as sand (typically 50%), combined with superplasticizers (additives that ensure particles disperse and do not settle in the fluid mix) and viscosity-enhancing admixtures (VEA).

The resistance to segregation is observed through a visual stability index (VSI).

The VSI is established based on whether bleed water is observed at the leading edge of the spreading concrete, or if aggregates pile at the center.

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