Speed dating pubs london

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Most of their events are traditional speed dating events but they also hold singles pub crawls and lock & key events. The events are aimed at professional Londoners and they are held at a range of venues to suit your taste – everywhere from Mahiki to Shaka Zulu. This is perhaps my least favourite club in London so I did not have high hopes…We arrived at around 7pm where we were greeted by our host Rob and a free shot!

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There’s an art to breadcrumbing and I for one don’t want to master it. Thanks to my editor and her grand plans however, this may just be my month for attempted love at least. I am the fat-single-and-ready-to-mingle guinea pig, ready to find the answers.As well as free shots, we also had half price drinks – G&T’s were £3 each 😱 The cheap drinks definitely helped to keep the conversation flowing while we waited for everyone to arrive.There was a real mix of people there but it was pretty much what I’ve heard of most speed dating events – the women were mostly young, attractive and in groups while the men were mostly older and came alone.The nightlife in London is vibrant and diverse but we can all get stuck going to the same places over and over again.Find new things to do by checking out Funzing, where you’ll find a range of unique nights out in London ready to be booked by you.

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