Tree ring cross dating

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For pine (O time series were more strongly correlated than ring-width series.In some instances within-tree, ring-width series (multiple cores from each tree) were not significantly correlated, again indicating that using ring-width data for cross-dating redwood can be problematic.In seasonal climates, trees preserve a continuous record of annual events, in particular, climate.

By winter, when the sap finally stops flowing, a smooth dark ring marks the end of the tree’s annual growth.Instead of working with entire cross sections of trees, dendrochronologists (tree-ring researchers) often use long, slender cores extracted from trees by a hollow tool.The diagram below shows two cores from different trees in the same area.In western Canada, dendrochronology has been largely confined to the montane and boreal forests (Case and Mac Donald, 1995; Luckman and Innes, 1991).An investigation of fire and insect infestation frequency in the jack pine forests of Manitoba (Gill, 1930) was the first Canadian study to use ring-width data and cross-dating techniques to develop a tree-ring chronology.

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