True blood alexander skarsgard dating

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with writer/director Lars von Trier casting Stellan as the ‘douchebag’ best man of Alexander’s character. ‘We’re more like brothers than father and son,’ he said of his old man. I’ll take him out with my buddies in LA or in Stockholm, and it’s never awkward or anything. So infatuated are his fans that they’ve coined the term ‘skarsbrow’ about him. It’s basically a reference to the unbelievably sexy way he raises his left eyebrow.

Talking about his childhood, Skarsgard has said: ‘The doors were always open. His love of the Yorkshire team stems from the six months he spent studying English at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The new couple took advantage of the warm New York weather and headed to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Prospect Park last week to enjoy the day. star's chest and curling her arms and legs around her new beau.

The pair kept very close as they strolled through the gardens hand-in-hand and only stopped to take photos of each other along the way. Neither of the stars have openly discussed dating one another, although Chung did recently admit that she things she'd be a nightmare to date during an interview with (uh-oh!

“I’m standing there caressing this tennis ball [as a stand-in] instead of looking into an elephant and of course it felt incredibly ridiculous. He genuinely wanted everyone to pitch in and he had this incredible way of getting people excited.” Skarsgård spends much of the second half of the film showing off his 8-pack abs, for which he had a 7,000 calories-a-day diet.

But when I saw the movie, it felt trippy because the animations are incredible.” Having previously worked with intimate filmmakers such as Lars von Trier and Zal Batmanglij, Tarzan came as a shock to the system to Skarsgård. As with , there was no reluctance at shedding his shirt: “If I felt that was the most exciting aspect of the character, I would have hesitated, but I didn’t even think about that because I was genuinely so excited about the opportunity.

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