Updating flash text with xml Xxx chatroulette female

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Then I would give then the following instance names: x Image, x Name, x Time, x Number .

This simple flash page is ment to be a landing page at a kiosk. Tween; import fl.transitions.easing.*; import fl.transitions. Tween Event; var my_speed: Number; var my_total: Number; var my_images: XMLList; var my_loaders_array: Array = []; var my_success_counter: Number = 0; var my_playback_counter: Number = 0; var my_slideshow: Sprite = new Sprite(); var my_image_slides: Sprite = new Sprite(); var my_timer: Timer; var my_prev_tween: Tween; var my_xml_loader: URLLoader = new URLLoader(); my_xml_loader.load(new URLRequest("content.xml")); my_xml_Event Listener(Event. This tutorial will teach you how to find and examine raw data files that are sent to your web browser, without worrying how the data is visually displayed.For example, the data displayed on this Flash map is drawn from this text file, which is downloaded to your browser upon accessing the web page.Like its holding on to the file and content in is where I'm at on this issue.To test I downloaded the example from the link you posted about how to refresh your images.

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