Updating operating system software

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With our older installation CDs (those numbered lower than 500G) these programs may require administrator access to function properly.

This is not a problem on our latest CDs 500G or greater.

​This article explains why graphics driver for your product or operating system could not be found using the AMD Driver Autodetect Tool and the AMD Graphics Drivers and Software download page.

It also provides recommendations on how to locate the latest compatible drivers for AMD graphics products.

This is far from a happy accident; one of the reasons operating systems are made out of portable code rather than permanent physical circuits is so that they can be changed or modified without having to scrap the whole device.

For a desktop computer user, this means you can add a new security update, system patch, new application or even an entirely new operating system rather than junk your computer and start again with a new one when you need to make a change.

If you are worried about taxing your computer's central processing unit (CPU), for example, you may be able to check your operating system's bit version.

Issue Description: The following scenarios may occur when attempting to find latest compatible AMD graphics drivers: Recommendations: For Desktop Graphics Products Ensure that the most recent version of the AMD Driver Autodetect Tool is used to detect and install the latest compatible graphics driver.

To obtain the latest version of the tool, please visit the AMD Driver Autodetect Tool page.

After you install the program, if it won't run or you see strange error messages, try this (a procedure which will enable you to run many older programs on the latest Windows versions): Setting Admin Access: Right-click the program's icon on the desktop, select Properties, click on the Compatibility tab and put a check mark where it says Run this program as an administrator. 2 - Solar Fire 4 can have a problem installing the astro glyph fonts on Vista.

All the other compatibility options can remain turned off. If Solar Fire 4's glyphs aren't working properly, try manually installing the fonts after the main program is installed.

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