Updating vault stores backup mode

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Thanks, then my option is only to have a companition of both backup product, Symantec Backup Exec to backup EV and Veeam to Backup the VM-image...

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Been running the same backup script - pre and post for several years and has been running successfully until...

this week Tracked down problem - When trying to put the Vault stores into or out of Backup mode - the process hangs either from powershell or from gui from the gui - the message box reports: "updating Vault Stores Backup mode..." and there it stays a look at the message queues - apart from the A5 - all else is zeros, no journaling is done Placing the indexes into and out of backup mode works all okay problem remains AFTER restarting the EV database server and EV server no errors in event logs by 'killing' the gui or powershell - shows the backup mode HAS changed - so I am guessing the there is some other activity as part of the setting or clearing the vault store backup mode that is causing the hang Any thoughts ?

Supported Connected Workgroup Server Language Configurations Any server meeting the above criteria can work with any other server of any language meeting the above criteria.

Other replication-related language notes: With these property settings, the Outlook add-in will treat email conversations as file associations in Vault.

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