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When my friend's Compaq computer became so corrupted as to make it unusable, I re-installed Win XP but was then not able to activate it either over the internet or by using the "telephone" method.The XP installation disk had been purchased and used to initially install Windows XP several years ago when it had been purchased to replace the Windows Vista OS that originally came with his computer and used again a couple of years later for a "re-install" when he was again having problems. Before upgrading I bought a new hdd and reinstalled xp. After trying to validate xp over the phone I was informed that the copy may be a fake and go to .com/genuine where the page states xp is no longer sold and click to buy windows7.I have reinstalled xp several times to clean installs but I've never had a problem before.

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If it is a retail licence, it can be transferred to any hardware, but could require phone activation, OEM or "system builder" copies of Windows are tied to the hardware they were originally installed on for Life.

This is a guide to fixing the erroneous message that sometimes appears on installations of Windows XP where the display background is forced to black and a pop-up message states that “This copy of Windows XP did not pass genuine validation.” The Microsoft page referring to the display is at but this does not provide a simple fix where the message is displayed in error.

These instructions attempt to address that problem.

I've tried installing microsoft diagnostics but it sends me back to a help page, where it tells me how to validate xp by phone or over the internet, loop. Essentially what's happened is hardware has changed in your PC - each time a Windows install takes place your hardware is audited (for all intents and purposes) and mapped to your license key.

Any change in H/W and frequent reinstalls (several times as quoted above) and for all MS knows you are installing this one copy of XP on multiple machines.

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