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The RBS FILESTREAM provider utilizes the FILESTREAM feature in SQL Server for BLOB storage and ties the two technologies together.

Share Point is one such application which allows you to use RBS FILESTREAM provider on Web Front End Servers and SQL Server FILESTREAM feature for storing and managing BLOBs on NTFS storage outside Share Point content database as documented in MSDN article here.

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Remote BLOB Store (RBS) is a client library with SQL Server which allows developers to store, access, retrieve binary large objects (BLOBs) outside SQL Server database files while still maintaining the ACID properties and transactional consistency of data in Blob store.Some file systems have been designed to be used for specific applications.For example, the ISO 9660 file system is designed specifically for optical discs.Each BLOB store has its own provider library, which plugs into the RBS client library and specifies how BLOBs are stored and accessed along with SQL Server database.RBS FILESTREAM provider is one such free out-of-box provider which plugs into RBS client library to allow a deployment to use FILESTREAM enabled SQL Server Database as a dedicated BLOB store for application.

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