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Bolivian brunette SILVIA BARTHES, who filed assault charges against the new age star earlier this year (06), has gone public with the secrets of her sex-fuelled fling with Yanni.She claims the beloved musician is a Viagra-guzzling sex addict, who uses toys to spice up his bedroom activities.In addition to producing, directing and performing in his own orchestra, he also lends his charitable fundraising efforts to the World Wildlife Fund to promote the conservation of endangered species.

To know more about his childhood, profile, timeline and career read on.When cops arrived, they noticed that her upper lip was swollen and split open and that there was a small amount of dried blood on her lower lip.They also noted redness on both her forearms and that she appeared visibly upset and was crying and shaking.Charges that Barthes brought against Yanni in March (06) were dropped due to lack of evidence.Yanni responds very strongly to the emotional tone and atmosphere around him, and can be dominated by his fluctuating and unpredictable moods.

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