Who is snsd dating

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2PM’s Nichkhun hosted a fan chat via his personal twitter yesterday about his newly public relationship with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany amongst other things. We also felt bad for the fans as the news became a big deal outside of our album promotions.

He seems like he’s getting a little frustrated with fans making cryptic comments about his relationship; even though it seems like they mean well. I hope they look at [the relationship] in a positive light." 2PM are also expected to comeback in coming months this year as Nichkhun tweeted: Oh yeah - and remember when we had Nichkhun & Tiffany as one of our Top 5 Prom Kings & Queens of 2013?

Since then, all but Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho’s relationship have ended, with Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan’s relationship being the latest on the offset that Seung Hwan revealed he wasn’t looking forward to marriage at the moment.In other words, they are “super paparazzi” and some people don’t take their word for anything when hearing it.I remember getting into trouble a while back for talking about a female celebrity that was rumored to be getting haughty or “full of herself” and the end of the reporter’s word sounded like “-zy”.When it comes to K-pop groups in general, the most-popular ones usually have the most exposure.As a result, they usually have the most fans digging into each members’ personal lives too.

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